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Cracking the RC5 Code

Is your computer bored when you are not around? If so, join us in cracking the RC5 encrpytion code.

The world-wide effort is to beat the current RSA Secret-Key Challenge by creating the largest and fastest distributed computer system in the history of the world. The project is coordinated by Distributed Net.

Indiana State Univeristy has a "team" involved in this project. If you are interested in assisting with your spare CPU cycles, download the latest RC5 client.

So that the blocks of encryption keys which are cracked by your machine are credited to the ISU Team effort, you can configure the RC5 client with the e-mail address of

It doesn't matter what type of computer you have, there is a RC5 client for your computer. If you connect to the Internet via modem, configure the client so that it downloads 100-200 blocks at a time (depending on how fast your CPU is); your computer and crack keys while you sleep and you can dump the finished blocks of encryption keys the next time you connect to the Internet.

The RC5 clients are well-behaved and will only use CPU cycles which you are not using. You do not have to worry about the cracking effort interferring with your game of Doom.

To see where the ISU team ranks, Distributed Net provides a Team Statistics Page.

Last Updated: 31-Oct-97
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