The following movies are video footage that was filmed at white-throated sparrow nests during our study of the parental behaviors of white-throated sparrows.

To best view the movies, right click and choose "Save AS..". Then save the file on you desktop and watch it after it downloads. This will allow you to resize the movies while viewing them. The files are in Quicktime format, which means you have to have the Quicktime program installed on your computer. Quicktime is available at

Some of these files are large. If you do not have a high speed internet connection it is not recommended that you download the larger files. We have not encoded the sound yet.

Available Videos:

Snake Predation (High Resolution; 20.92 MB)

Snake Predation (Low Resolution; 5.13 MB)

Shrew Predation (4.17 MB)

Parental Care by Tan Male X White Female (7.36 MB)

Parental Care by White Male X Tan Female 7.35 MB)

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