Recent Papers:

1) Michael N Romanov, Elaina M Tuttle, Marlys L Houck, William S Modi, Leona G Chemnick, Marisa L Korody, Emily M Stremel Mork, Christie A Otten, Tanya Renner, Kenneth C Jones, Sugandha Dandekar, Jeanette C Papp, Yang Da, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Eric D Green, Vincent Magrini, Matthew T Hickenbotham, Jarret Glasscock, Sean McGrath, Elaine R Mardis and Oliver A Ryder. 2009. The value of avian genomics to the conservation of wildlife. BMC Genomics : 10(Suppl 2):S10. PDF (1400 Kb)

2) Webster, M.S., Tarvin, K.A., Tuttle, E.M., Pruett-Jones, S. 2007. Promiscuity drives sexual selection in a socially monogamous bird. Evolution 61(9): 2205–2211. PDF (164KB)

3) Tuttle, E.M., Jensen, R.R., Formica, V.A., & Gonser, R.A. 2006. Using remote sensing image texture to study habitat use patterns: A case study using the polymorphic white-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis). Global Ecology and Biogeography 15: 349-357. PDF (163 Kb)

4) Formica VA, Gonser RA, Ramsay S, Tuttle EM. 2004. Spatial dynamics of alternative reproductive strategies: The role of neighbors. Ecology 85(4): 1125-1136. PDF (1.03MB)

5) Tuttle EM. 2003. Alternative reproductive strategies in the white-throated sparrow: behavioral and genetic evidence Behavioral Ecology 14(3): 425-432 PDF (152KB)

We are currently processing our recent findings for the internet. They will be posted here shortly.


The most recent funding source for the white-throated sparrow project is the National Science Foundation grant LTREB, DEB-0196097 to E.M. Tuttle.

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