Welcome to The White-throated Sparrow GIS Education Center

This educational endeavor will be part of Dr. Tuttle's recent NSF LTREB Grant (DEB-0217463).

If you use either of these sites please send our laboratory an e-mail letting us know you have accessed our educational materials, please send us your name and institution. Send us an e-mail by clicking here. We are especially interested in reporting use of these sites for classroom and student use to the NSF.

There are two components of this web site.

1) If students have ArcView they can download sample data and laboratory exercises. Studens will learn how to use ArcView, and how to analyze spatial, ecological data.

Click here to access the downloadable ArcView exercises

2) We have begun to post online labs that operate through ArcIMS, this way, students without ArcView, can learn about GIS and Ecology.

To start the on-line lessons using the free ArcIMS Page Click Here

Please be aware that this site is in its fledgling stages and is still under construction.

Skip the lessons and go right to the Free GIS White-throated Sparrow Arc IMS Page by clicking here

This ArcIMS site is a collaboration between Dr. Tuttle's laboratory and the ISU Center for Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System, Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology, ISU, Dr. Ryan Jensen (director).

The director of the ISU Center for Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System, Dr. Ryan Jensen has graciously offered to host this ArcIMS site. The web development and site creation is being done by a Department of Geography graduate student Genong Yu.

This plans to be an exciting project and I hope you will return soon to see the project as it unfolds.