Jakub Pawel Cygan
Museum and Institute of Zoology
Polish Academy of Sciences
Wilcza 64
00 679 Warszawa, POLAND

1. Singing behavior of birds: painted redstart Myioborus pictus, ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana, and yellowhammer Emberiza citrinell. Song variability in different social context and breeding stages, influence of age on song features, influence of song on fitness, female song, and quiet song.

2. Conservation: coordination of annual winter waterfowl census (under auspices of Wetlands International), wintering of bats, distribution of otter Lutra lutra in Poland.

3. Bird communities: influence of forest succession stage on bird communities. Long term studies in two forest study plots (cartographic quantitative method) in Kampinos National Park near Warsaw.

What I do here:

I analyze DNA samples taken from painted redstarts (males, females and their offspring) in order to find out what is the EPF rate in this species and then to relate male breeding success with his song and plumage features.

That is possible thanks to The Kosciuszko Foundation stipend and hospitality of Dr Elaina Tuttle and Dr Rusty Gonser, Indiana State University

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