Shujiang Wang: experience

Background Highlight: * 11 years' satellite telecommunication experience
* 3 years' programming experience
* Telecommunication network knowledge
* Good command of English and Chinese

Academic Project: * Designed and implemented file and database transfer with
Multiple client/server using JAVA in UNIX environment.
* Designed web page for company.
* Developed automatic testing software for measurement.
* Designed and implemented creditcard checking system
using HTML,Javascript and VBScript in Windows NT environment.

Experience: Assistant General Manager, Senior System Engineer
Satellite Division/China Telecommunication Broadcast Satellite
Corporation(CHINASAT),From Feb.,1993 to Mar.,1999

* Promgrammed testing software and Tested RF system
* Administered satellite payload,satellite IOT
* Supervised telecommunication monitor,arranged frequency assigment,
and handled the interference coordination of satellite transponder
* Designed the system of VSAT system, trunk link system, and TV
brodcast system(include link budget,on site interference test
and analysis, etc.)
* Certificated the customer satellite telecommunication system
(include antenna,modem, U/C,D/C,and HPA subsystem)
* Developed the market and supported customer in technical area

System and Software Engineer
Department of Operation Management/CHINASAT,From Apr.,1988 to Feb.,1993
* Operated several kinds of VSAT hub station ( SCPC-DAMA,
TDMA,CDMA,BOD,digital broadcast system, etc.)
* Designed and implemented information transmission software
based on VSAT broadcasting network in Windows NT enviroment.