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We want to help you walk in your walk with the Lord and to help answer any questions you may have.  To do this, we are making these resources available to you.  Some of the resources have a very small cost but others are completely free. We're here to be a blessing to you, not to make money.  We pray that resources will be a blessing to you and your life!



These anointed messages are sure to bless your life.  The Bible says faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Whatever it is that you are seeking, find out what the Word has to say.  To make this easier for you, we have arranged our available messages in a topical listing.  Remember, God's Word will not return void but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. (Isaiah 55:11)

You may choose to order any of the following messages.  Please contact us by e-mail, regular mail, or telephone to make your request.  Please indicate which sermon(s) you would like to purchase and the quantity of each. 

We request a $5 donation to cover the expense of each tape.  We pay shipping and handling for you.  Sermons are available on audio cassette only at this time.

Order your sermon cassette at:   

HULMAN STREET ASSEMBLY l 600 Hulman Street l Terre Haute, IN 47802

or contact by phone at:

(812) 232-1857

The Following sermons are available at this time...     

Click on the links below to hear a brief message and click here to order the full tape


     Diving Healing   

    Does God want me well?


     Battle of the mind      

     Don't worry, Be happy! 

     Falling Down    

     From Survival to Success, part 1

     From Survival to Success, part 2     

     Getting God's best for you   

     Surviving the storms of life

     When the going gets tough


     Good things that keep people out of heaven

     Rapture Ready  

     Ready or not, here He comes!

     What to do if you miss the rapture


     Fish, Faith, and Finances 

     Poor Jesus!!

 BEING A SERVANT OF GOD                 

     Palm Reading   

    She did what she could



We are making the following gospel tracts available to you at no cost.  Please contact us and give us your complete mailing address.  Be sure to indicate what item(s) you are requesting.


Who is Jesus?                                          How can I be saved?


Prayer Cloths 

At Hulman Street Assembly, we believe in the power of Prayer.  The Bible says that God worked special miracles through the handkerchiefs and aprons of the Apostle Paul and as these cloths came in contact with the sick that they were healed.  We are making these anointed prayer cloths available to you at no cost.  These cloths will be anointed with olive oil and be prayed over before they are sent to you.  If you would like to receive a free prayer cloth, click on "Prayer Requests" on the home page.




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