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Music   Ministry

Nursery Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Children's Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Most of the ministry in the Bible did not happen in the temple, synagogue, or in the church building.  Most of ministry took place on the street, at the market place, or in the home.  Therefore we must take the gospel from within our church to the world.

Nursing Home Ministry 

Hulman Street Assembly regularly ministers in the nursing home environment.  Often times the residents of these homes are overlooked, outcast, and forgotten.  We feel that these are the kinds of places Jesus would go if He were walking the earth today.

Food Ministry

Another of our outreaches is being able to provide assistance to those in need of food.  Many times Jesus met the physical needs of people before meeting their spiritual needs.  Each time we share our food with others, we make sure they are introduced to Jesus.  He is the only One who can really satisfy their hunger.

Prison Ministry

On regular basis, ministry takes place in the jail or prison setting. Again, these souls are often forgotten or labeled as a lost cause.  However, Jesus said to preach the gospel to every creature, not just the ones we choose.

Children's Ministry

Each year we have several special outreaches especially for the children.  In the past we have hosted a Kids Carnival in the neighborhood elementary school yard, Harvest Parties and other special events.  Looking past all the fun is real ministry and that's what it's all about.

Sermon Seeds

The anointed messages that are preached at Hulman Street travel around the country and the world.  The Word of God is timeless and transcends all languages and cultures.  Everyone needs to hear the Word and how can they hear without a preacher (Romans 10).  If you would like information on how you can listen to one of these messages, please visit our RESOURCES page.



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