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R and Statistics

R is a tool that can be used for all kinds of statistics and plotting. The Comrehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) is a good place to get packages for R.


I enjoy programming. I've been learning Haskell for some time now and I'd like to use it for some of my projects.

A free online book for Haskell: Real World Haskell


Any scholar interested in writing long and complicated documents should certainly look into LaTeX. Get necessary binaries.

Google Chart API

Let's try the Google Chart API. You can use this API by sending the parameters of the chart via a query and it returns a PNG image of the chart based on the query you sent.

Let's see an example.

Sample chart

The above image was obtained by using <img src=";chd=t:60,40&amp;cht=p3&amp;chl=Hello|World"alt="Sample chart" /> for the image tag. Simple, isn't it?