mmm..My StorY...

..mmm..Born in 1972 , december Tawau, Sabah ..Malaysia (of courze)With the name of..MohamaD Azlan Abdul Rahim.. heheh..mmm budd am more comfortable with the nameChikano..Aslanx and ToYoL..

(the latter was given by someone very special to really happy for that..

Studied in Tanjung Aru primary school...from 1979 to 1984 Then went to Sabah Fully Residental School ..took my SRP there thenn..most of the teachers and my self too decided that I was Too NAUGHTY for them...and was transferred to Sabah College july 90...tried my luck in ITM Sabah.. :) Then .. magically ...after several nervous wrecking attemp..I was offered to further my studies in INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY .. happy for it..and ..dunno much how I'm doing right now..just hope for the best ..I guess..

Enjoy your visits..Aslanx ToYoL

my picture..shh it's a secret and only the previledged will be able to see this..:)

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