Dr. Kenneth Coopwood, Sr. Ph.D.

Interim Special Assistant to the President for Ethnic Diversity

Dr. Coopwood has been leading the cause for diversity at Indiana State University since June, 2000. He brings to the Office of Ethnic Diversity a variety of teaching, leadership, programming and educational experience that serves to enhance the overall ISU strategic plan. Dr.Coopwood holds a Ph.D in Educational Administration, a Master in Public Administration and a B.S. in Business Administration. He is also a certified KAI (Kirton Adaptation - Innovation) consultant and information processor.

A diversity trainer since 1992, Dr. Coopwood has conducted numerous presentations for the benefit of human resources, divisional development, student development and community awareness. He believes that diversity management is a prerequisite for effective change and that knowledge of people (cultural, psychological, and spiritual) is often absent when structural change is being implemented. His philosophy is expressed by his quote:

" In a nation where speculations of money, health, poverty and policy rank supreme in the conscience of the public mind, the most tragic and destructive display of human judgment is still that which conceals the absolute truth of a people. "

Email: slfcoop@befac.indstate.edu

Ms. Vietta L. Wilson, Office Assistant II

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

Career Aspriations: Surgical Technician

Personal Diversity Statement: "Diversity is not only a word, it is a fact of life. Adhere to it ".

Email: aafwilso@amber.indstate.edu

Miss. Fareen Ahmed, Intern (MAPS)

Major: M.S. in Human Resource Development

Hometown: Madras, Tamil Nadu. India

Career Aspriations: To be a successful personnel manager

Personal Diversity Statement: " Diversity is beautiful ".

Email: farheen@mama.indstate.edu

Mr. Jared Keengwe, Graduate Program Assistant

Major: General Communication

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Career Aspirations:To establish a career in the Media, Public Relation or General Communication Industry.

Personal Diversity Statement: " Diversity is a contemporary possible solution to human differences for united we stand...and the things which unite us are stronger than the ones which tear us apart ".

Email: csagini@hotmail.com

Mr. Terry Henry III, Student Assistant

Indiana State University, Junior

Hometown: Bogalusa, LA

Personal Diversity Statement: " People are brought into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Don't foresake the opportunity to make even the smallest difference in the life of another ".

Email: zpcd1969@yahoo.com

Miss. LaTisha Wilson, Student Assistant

Indiana State University, Freshman

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Personal Diversity Statement: " Experience diversity, only then you will be able to see its charms".

Email: La_tishawilson@hotmail.com

Miss. Heather Dalton

Indiana State Univesrity - B.S in Recreation and Sports Management, Junior

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Career Aspirations: If given an opportunity, I would like to work with collegiate students and develop a successful and productive college experience.

Email: heather.dalton@rose-hulman.edu

Mr. Amit Thakar, Graduate Administrative Assistant

Major: Communication (TV/Radio/Film)

Hometown: Pune, Maharashtra. India

Career Aspirations:To work in a production line for Television Network Channel. Major area of interest in Post-production special effects

Personal Diversity Statement: " Diversity is all about making the world a better place to live. "

Email: thakara@coral.indstate.edu

Mr. Daniel Dozier, Student Assistant

Indiana State University, Sophomor

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Personal Diversity Statement: " To make diversity a success put your soul in the sun to help it grow in time".

Email: dozier23@hotmail.com

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