In an age of diversity, there is a growing network of communities exploring common grounds to facilitate a more

perfect union. I enjoy living in a diverse yet ONE community founded on common noble goals and aspirations.

To transform the whole world begins with a more personal transformation…even reformation. For a thousand

miles begin with a sheer footstep! When we come together, we are headed towards more productive, decent and

democratic lives. Let us join hands and celebrate the glory of a new era, in a new understanding of our diverse

yet ONE society founded on unity and brotherhood.


Student Diversity Team:

Jared would be the primary contact for the SDT membership with Amit serving as necessary. In addition,

Dr. Stewart's two graduate assistants, Tamara Johnson - who also works for Residential Life, and Meera Chohan

will also serve as graduate advisement and administration for the organization with Jared.


Functions of the Student Diversity Team:


Membership is to be made up in the image of the PCOED facilitating a student version of this administrative or faculty-based group. Membership will be made up of a representative from the following groups.

1) Student Government (this person would also be linked to the PCOED).

2) International Student Organization.

3) Interfraternity Council.

4) Pan-Hellenic Council.

5) Sh-Out (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual group).

6) Differently-abled Student Association.

7) Union Board/Multicultural team.

8) Person of choice by the other seven.


It was hoped that the SDT would be underway at the start of the semester. Plans were tentatively made for two

small, introductory events, one in March and April, and one big event in March of 2001.


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