Indiana State University's Social Action Theater is one of the most exciting canpus diversity initiatives sed in higher

education. With its origin in the midwest, SAT has seen amazing growth in the past five years. Hundreds of

campuses, companies and communications have learned positive lessons through real-life dramatization!! The SAT

does more than promote diversity. It is noted for its appeal for self-examination, active reconciliation and lifelong

meditation skill-buliding. This is a powerful focus tool to be used with any department, group or individual who

sincerely recognizes a need for better understanding of diversity.


Scenes from cultural conflict or misunderstanding are re-enacted before a live audience. Each dramatization is

followed by dialogue, facilitated by a moderator, between actors and audience. Actors stay in character and use

improvizational techniques to audience participants.


Integral components of SAT include:


For information on options for your organization, institution, or school, please contact:

Dr.Ken Coopwood, Sr.

Office of Diversity, Indiana State University.


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