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Dear ISU Commuity Members,


The Office of Diversity is pleased to announce its Video and Books list, which are now available

to all the community for purposes of presentations and classroom instruction. The lists

contains more than 150 books and around 100 videos items. These books and videos deal with

various diversity aspects and other vital information that can be applied to our day to day

lifestyle. If you are interested in getting information regarding either the books or videos or

both. Pleasecontact Amit Thakar on ext. 8360 or check it out on-line. Go to Main page and

you will be able to find it under Office Overview Section.


The ISU Office of Ethnic Diversity is also proud to introduce its newsletter "Cultural Capers".

Cultural Capers is an excellent resource for publicizing programs and speakers, announcing

campus and community events and recognizing university members for outstanding

commitement and dedicationto diversity and diversity education. The first issue of Cultural

Capers will be available after the spring break. If you had or are planning events for Spring

2001 that you would like to have featured in Cultural Capers, give us an oppourtunity to

serve you. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and continued support.


Keep in touch for regular updates.


Yours Sincerely,

Amit Thakar

Graduate Assistant for Administration

Office of Diversity.


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