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Name: TagAKA: Justin McDonald
Age: 23Height: 6', 6' 3" with bootsWeight: about 145#
Marital Status: DatingOccupation: Senior Graphic Designer, ISU Hulman Center / Freelance airbrushingEyes: Blue/Green
Top: Light Brown; Mustache: Blonde; Beard: Dark Red/Blonde

Those who check in from time to time can see that I'm starting to edit this part. I have no idea when I plan on continuing work, but I might as well get it started.

Two summers ago, I was in Panama City Beach, working at a Centrifuge summer camp. I was leading a Bible Study in the morning, teaching juggling in the afternoon, and running lighting whenever they need it. It is truly a marricle that I got this job.

My hobbies include Art, Juggling, Rolerblading, and Home recording/electronic music production.

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