This is a shirt I did for a friend. Click on the image for 3 full views.

The picture at left is taken from a painting I did on illustration board. The actual painting is 12"x15", and is primarily airbrush acrylics. Clicking the image will show you a version that's closer to the original.

Music is also art.

Here's some of the songs from my first project 2 years ago, which was destroyed by a Coca-Cola incident. These are the full length versions, listed by their working titles, as finnished as we had them before the accident.
I think my server is having a problem with streaming music, so your best bet is to save the target of the links to your computer, then try opening them.
Remember, there is some quality loss with Real Audio.

Ambient Progression

Accoustic Rave

Industrial Rave

And here's some from my new projects, in mp3 and ra. They're far from finished, and listed by their working titles.

Waltz (long)



Son of a Remix

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