Mythological background:

Sri Hanuman was born of Anjani from Pavana (the wind-god), at an auspicious hour of the morning on the 8th of the Lunar month, Chaitra, at 4 o'clock on  a blessed Tuesday. He was named Hanuman after the name of the city of Hanumpur over which his maternal uncle Parti Surya (Sun God) ruled. Hanuman's body was hard as a stone. So Anjani named him Vajranga

From his very birth he exhibited extraordinary physical strength and worked many miracles. When he was a child he put the sun into his mouth. All the gods were very much troubled. They came with folded hands to the child and humbly entreated him to release the sun. The child set free the sun at their request.

He learnt the Sastras from the sun-god and was well versed in the four Vedas (ancient scriptures on rules of Hindu religion) and other sacred books. He was the wisest of the wise, strongest of the strong and bravest of the brave. He was the Sakti (power) of Rudra (Lord Shiva). He had the power to assume any form he liked; to swell his body to an enormous extent and to reduce it to the length of a thumb but was cursed by a sage for his wrong action, that he would remain unconscious of his great strength and powers till he met Lord Sri Rama. As soon as Hanuman beheld Sri Rama he became conscious of his strength and power. He was the chosen messenger, warrior and servant of Sri Rama. He was the votary and devotee of Lord Rama. Rama was his all in all. He lived to serve Rama. He lived in Rama. He lived for Rama. His strength was superhuman. His valour, wisdom, knowledge of the scriptures and superhuman strength attracted everybody who came near him. He had extraordinary skill in warfare.

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Hanuman carrying a Mountain of Herbs to save Lord Lakhman's Life (Lord Rama's brother)

Hanuman meditating Lord Rama's Name