The Larsen Project Concert

Wednesday Concert

Tilson aiuditorium

September 11, 1996 7:30 p.m.


Concert Piece for Tuba and Piano

Libby Larsen
(b 1950)

Ed Owen, tuba
Martha Krasnican, piano
Program Notes

Five Bagatelles (1988)

I. Grazioso
II. Very Calm
III. Playful
IV. Still, as if suspended
V. Sprightly

Ursula Mamlock
(b. 1928)

John Spicknall, clarinet
Sharilyn Spicknall, violin
Eric Edberg, cello
Program Notes

Five Sonnets from the Portuguese (1991)

1. I Thought Once How Theocritus Had Sung
5. Oh, Yes!
6. How Do I Love Thee?

Libby Larsen
(b 1950)

Peggy Balensuela, mezzo-soprano
Beverley Simms, piano
Program Notes

Concerto for Solo Marimba, Percussion and Synthesizers (1992)

I. Melismatic
II. Inamst

Daniel McCarthy
(b. 1955)

Jimmy Finnie, marimba soloist
Daniel McCarthy, guest conductor
ISU Percussion Ensemble
BrianColey Jeff Huffman SteveKieper
Phil Minnis Carey Kamperschroer
Program Notes
10-minute Intermission

Impromptu No. 1 for Flute and Oboe

Thea Musgrave
(b. 1928)

William Denton, oboe
Joyce Wilson, flute
Program Notes

Lilith (1984)

The Female Demon
Will of the Wisp
The Night Dance

William Bottom
(b 1938)

Paul Bro, alto saxophone
Martha Krasnican, piano

Seven Ghosts

I. Grace and Glory
II. Jenny Lind to Harriet Beecher Stowe
III. Blinking Pluto
IV. Myself with Wings
V. United Hot Clubs of America

Libby Larsen (b. 1950)

Indiana State University Singers
Indiana State University Chorale
Vermilion Festival Chorus
Danville Chamber Singers
Richard Zielinsky, director
Terre Haute Choral Society, Dan Miller, director
Indiana State University Faculty Brass Quintet
Dalvin Boone, trumpet David Watkins, horn
Nancy Watkins, trumpet Randy Mitchell, trombone
Ed Owen, tuba
Matt Sheperd, Percussion
Program Notes

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