Student Expectations for ELED 272

Student Expectations:

Attendance is mandatory. There is an enormous amount of material to cover in such as short period of time (daily & semester). Ten (10) points for each unexcused absence may be deducted from the final grade.

If you want to take copious notes, you may do so in any manner you choose (pencil/paper, tape recorder, hieroglyphics, etc.).

Assignments are to be completed and handed in when due (on time). Those assignments not handed in on time will receive reduced credit. Some assignments may be a collaborative effort, therefore, all will contribute to the finished product. Do not wait until the end of the semester to consult will the professor about confusing issues or topics, unclear assignments, uncooperative project members, or questions about the course in general. It will be to your advantage to consult with Darrell early and often. The course content is not difficult, but it can consume a great deal of time.

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