ELED 272

Assignment Ten: AppleWorks Spreadsheet

Due 3/30/01

Open AppleWorks

Choose spreadsheet from new file type

Save to data disk as assignment 10

Use View/Page view

Use File/Page Setup/Orientation/Landscape

Use Format/Document/Margins Left=.25 Right=.25

Use Format/Document/Size Columns across=7 Rows down=21

Select all

Use Format/Column width = 100pt

Use Format/Row height = 25pt

Use Format/Size = 14pt


In cell A1 type Grade Book for (your name)

In cell A3 type Name

In cell B3 type Test One

In cell C3 type Test Two

In cell D3 type Test Three

In cell E3 type Test Four

In cell F3 type Total Points

In cell G3 type Average

In cells A4...E7 type the following data:

Mary 45, 33, 44, 14

Bill 44, 40, 36, 20

Jim 39, 39, 36, 18

Sue 33, 41, 38, 15

In cell F4 type the formula =B4+C4+D4+E4

Select cells F4...F7

Use Calculate/Fill Down

In cell A9 type Total Points

Fill in points possible to cells B9...E9 (45, 45, 40, 20)

In cell F9 type the formula =SUM(B9...E9)

In cell G4 type the formula =F4/$F$9

Select cells G4...G7

Use Calculate/Fill Down

Use Format/Number/Percent

In cell A10 type Class Points

In cell B10 type the formula =AVERAGE (B4...B7)

Select cells B10...F10

Use Calculate/Fill Right

In cell A11 type Class Average

In cell B11 type the formula =B10/B9

Select cells B11...F11

Use Calculate/Fill Right

Use Format/Number/Percent

Select row 3

Use Format/Alignment/Center

Select A1...E7

Use Options/Make Chart/Bar

Move the chart to the lower right of the page

Save to disk

Use File/Print (turn off print column headings, row headings, and cell grid)

Submit printout for evaluation.

Evaluation for Assignment 10: Spreadsheet

Name ________________________________

Date Submitted ________________ (0 to 3 points)

Used AppleWorks __________ (0 to 7 points)

Page Setup ____________________(0 to 15 points)

Accurate Data __________________(0 to 10 points)

Chart __________________________(0 to 10 points)

Printout ________________________(0 to 5 points)

Total Points (0 to 50) ___________