ELED 272

Assignment Five: AppleWorks Data Base

Due 2/19/01

Use AppleWorks 5.0 to create a database with the folowing fields:

State Name (text), Capital (text), Area (number), Population (number), Birth Rate (number) and Population Density (calculation)

Enter data found in TIME Almanac 1999

Create four layouts: 1)Data Form, 2)Capitals, 3)Area, 4)People

Create two sorts: 1)Alphabetical order and 2)Numerical order

Create two searchs: 1)all states and 2)birth rate greater than or = 16

Create three reports: 1)List of states and capitals, 2)List of states with population and population density, 3) List of states with the highest birth rates.

Save the database to your data disk and submit for evaluation.


Name _____________________________________

Date Submitted _________________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Used AppleWorks 5.0___________________________(0 to 7 points) ________

Created six fields_______________________________(0 to 10 points)_________

Used proper field type____________________________(0 to 5 points)________

Accurate data___________________________________(0 to 10 points)________

Four layouts___________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Two sorts_____________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Two searches___________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Three reports ___________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Database saved to disk ____________________________(0 to 10 points)________

Total Points (0 to 75) ________