ELED 272

Assignment Three: Kid Pix Slide Show

Due 1/29/01

Access Kid Pix. Create five pictures and save them to your data disk. Create a title slide picture and save it to your data disk. Use the slide show program to create a slide show with your six pictures. Include sounds and transitions for each picture in the slide show. Save the slide show to your data disk and submit for evaluation.


Name _____________________________________

Date Submitted _________________ ___________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Five pictures created_________________________________________(0 to 10points)_________

Title Slide_________________________________________________(0 to 2 points)_________

Sound on each silde _________________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Transitions for each slide _____________________________________(0 to 6 points) ________

Contents saved to data disk ___________________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Total Points (0 to 30) ________