ELED 272

Assignment Seven: AppleWorks Draw

Due 3/14/01

Using the new drawing function of AppleWorks for the macintosh, create a diagram of a classroom. You may include in the drawing:

a. a door to enter the room

b. a chalkboard

c. a round reading table

d. label each of the objects

e. place a student name in each desk

f. rotate the names in another copy

g. print both copies of submit for evaluation


Name _____________________________________

Date Submitted _________________ ___________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Used AppleWorks Draw_____________________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Drawing contains proper elements______________________________(0 to 4 points)_________

Elements are labled _________________________________________(0 to 2 points)_________

Student names in desks ______________________________________(0 to 3 points) _________

Lables rotated _____________________________________(0 to 3 points)________

Both pages laser printed ___________________________ (0 to 12 points)

Total Points (0 to 30) ________