ELED 272

Assignment Two: AppleWorks Word Processing

Due 1/22/01

Using version 5.0 of AppleWorks for the macintosh, write an essay containing your philosophy of education. Create a three page document that includes a title page. Make sure the title page is not numbered and begin numbering the page after the title page as 1. Include in the text of the document:

a. left margin set at 1.25 inches and right margin set at .75 inch

b. double spaced text

c. a long quote that is single spaced and has the margins indented

d. use of underline, outline or bold text to accentuate items in the text

e.title of the document done in 18pt bold

f. pages numbered with a header or footer

Print the document with a laser printer and submit for evaluation


Name _____________________________________

Date Submitted ___________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Document is completed using AppleWorks 5.0 ___________________(0 to 5points) ________

Margins set properly ________________________________________(0 to 5 points) ________

Double Spaced text _________________________________________(0 to 5 points)_________

Long quote indented and spaced properly________________________(0 to 5 points)_________

Use of underline, outline or bold text ___________________________(0 to 2 points) _________

Title page _________________________________________________(0 to 4 points)_________

Page numbering ____________________________________________(0 to 6 points)_________

Technical Quality <spelling, grammar, looks>____________________(0 to 10 points) ________

Printed with laser printer ______________________________________(0 to 5 points)________

Total Points (0 to 50) ________