ELED 272

Assignment Four: WWW Educational Site List

Due 2/5/01

Using AppleWorks (Claris Works) for the macintosh, create a one page document that includes a list of site addresses on the World Wide Web.

Include addresses for:
Three Search Engines
The Indiana Department of Education Webpage
An elementary school web page
A high school webpage
Three professional education organizations
Three sources of lesson plans
Three publishers webpages
Five websites useful for educators


Name _____________________________________

Date Submitted _________________ ___________________________(0 to 3 points) ________

Document is completed using AppleWorks (Claris Works)____________(0 to 5points) ________

Quality of Sites submitted ________________________________(0 to 17 points) ______

Printed with laser printer ______________________________________(0 to 5 points)________

Total Points (0 to 30) ________