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last read  7 February 2005

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On Sat Feb 2 18:31:01 EST 2002 , Larry Don Swarens from said:

Hi, I think we are remotely related through John Wesley Swarens, your gg grandfather and our gg grandfather, (John's brother) Squire, whose father was David Swarens. I am writing to you from my sister's computer. She is Carolyn Sue (Swarens) Walstra. If you have any family information earlier than David's father, Johann, or the origin of the name, Swarens, we would greatly appreciate it. You may contact Larry at or C. Sue at If you would like, Larry can give you our "twig" of the family tree. We enjoy seeing a photograph of you! :)

On Sat Mar 16 10:49:26 EST 2002 , Scott Cheffer from said:

I sang on a Rodgers and Hammerstein Concert with your Chorale in March of 92 and I was wondering if I could get a list of the songs that were sung on that concert? Please e mail me at if you can help me. Thanks so much.

On Sat Nov 23 05:30:44 EST 2002 , Al Jaobcs from said:

B.M.E. 1997 ISU (Terre Haute) M.M. 2000 Indiana Univ. (South Bend) Looking for .avi file of "Set Me As a Seal" by Rene Claussen if you still have that. Can you e-mail or send it to: ?

On Fri Nov 29 13:37:08 EST 2002 , Eva Mayhew Philipps from said:

Thank you so much for refreshing my memory. I dropped out at the end of training and taught in East Los Angeles for six years. There I found my experiences during training to be of invaluable help. Now I live in Bothell, Washington with my husband of almost 30 years. We are both retired. I have kept in touch with Audrey Babich (Willoughby)who now lives on the East Coast. She has had a full life and has travelled extensively. I would love to chat with any of you and know what roads you have taken in the last 35 years. Eva Philipps

On Mon Jun 30 09:31:21 EST 2003 , Jon Bell from said:

Thanks for the translation of Mozart's Requiem.

On Thu Jul 31 09:13:44 EST 2003 , Leslie Forsman from said:

Hello, Just checking to see what's up in your world. Hope things are going well with you.

On Wed May 5 19:42:27 EST 2004 , Josee from said:

Cool!! This is really cool!! I'll come back often to see the other pictures of our wonderful adventure in the Big Apple! Take care! Your friend, JO

On Sat May 29 22:27:42 EST 2004 , Damien from said:

Hey Darrell, Great page!

On Thu Jun 10 14:42:25 EST 2004 , Jacque Lueken from said:

Very nice! My family made the trip to NY to see your performance ..fabulous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures..what an experience. Good Job!

On Fri Jun 11 01:07:13 EST 2004 , Sanghyup Lee from said:

Hi Darrell, Every single picture and music in the web page let me recall how wonderful we were and had a great time during the spring choir tour '04. Thank you for your endless efforts toward ISU Conert Choir! Your friend, Sanghyup

On Wed Jun 16 22:56:17 EST 2004 , Amanda from said:

it looks great Darrell! keep up the good work! (love the picture of me and my zebra pillow by the way. . . )

On Tue Jul 6 11:19:47 EST 2004 , Karen Buchanan from said:

Maybe it's just me or it could be the last name but I think you guys were terrific @ Carnegie Hall. Dr. Buchanan KUDOS to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you will make Carnegie trip #3 in 2006! Keep up the good work guys. I know you work very hard!!

On Mon Jul 19 22:10:58 EST 2004 , Stephanie from said:

Looks fantastic Darrell!

On Thu Aug 12 14:59:44 EST 2004 , Thomas Barnett from said:

I don't know if I have done this yet... so here is my mark.... and all of you know that I literally left my mark on Carnegie Hall!!!! lol Great things that you have done here Darrell!!!! Thomas

On Mon Aug 30 19:05:02 EST 2004 , Sarah Sue from said:

I cant wait till im on this page!

On Tue Aug 31 14:47:15 EST 2004 , terran parrish from said:

great site! thanks darell.

On Sun Oct 3 17:26:07 EST 2004 , Marsha Swarens-Barnett from said:

Hello, I have been interested in finding anyone with the surname of Swarens. My father is from Lawenceville, IL. His grandfather was Claude Swarens. If you have any information, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Sincerely, Marsha Barnett

On Fri Feb 4 16:51:41 EST 2005 , Elizabeth Scoble from said:

Hey all! Just looking at the site and what ISU has been up to since I left. Fun pictures. I'm jealous of the NYC trip! :)