Indiana State University
Concert Choir 2000

As we proceed to our concert, through our weekly rehearsals, we will follow the

Seven Steps to a Successful Choral Performance


  1. PREPARATION - A choral director and supporting staff must take the responsibility to prepare every aspect of the choral experience prior to the first meeting with the ensemble.

  2. PRIORITIZE - The entire organization (singers, staff and director) must arrange their priorities so that the ensemble, rehearsals and performance become an important element in their weekly routine.

  3. PRACTICE - An organized and spirited rehearsal can transform a diverse group of singers into a committed, knowledgeable and refined ensemble.

  4. PERSONALIZE - To achieve choral excellence each singer must develop a personal relationship with the song. This can be achieved only if the performers and choral director have developed a personal understanding of the score.

  5. PUBLICIZE - Each concert should be properly publicized. One month prior to the concert, a time line of publicity activities should be established. Your singers are your best promoters.

  6. PROJECT - To successfully project the message of the music to the listener, the ensemble must deliver a choral product that reflects the intent of the composer's work.

  7. POLISH - An attempt to polish every aspect of the concert should be made. Every aspect, musical (vowel, consonants, cut offs, facial expressions, phrases, articulations, etc . .) and technical (dress, folders, walking on and off, set up, lighting, etc . .) should be reviewed, analyzed, unified and perfected. An ensemble must practice performing before the final concert.


With an organized approach throughout the rehearsal process, the concert should produce a higher level of artistic expression!