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On Fri May 9 14:30:19 EST 1997 , Darrell Swarens from said:

Thanks for signing my guest book.

On Sat May 10 00:30:10 EST 1997 , John Rodriguez from said:

Just thought I would say hello from Decatur, IL. Pretty nifty web page. Do you mind if I emulate your ideas here for our local choral group? (Emulation, you know, is the highest form of flattery ... :>) )

On Thu May 15 21:37:24 EST 1997 , Cindy Rider from said:

Your site looks great, Darrell! Good picture too!

On Fri May 16 07:24:59 EST 1997 , Jon P. McKamey from said:

Enjoyed seeing and visiting with you when you came to Cincinnati State on May 15. See you in St. Louis!

On Mon May 19 09:22:23 EST 1997 , dave roads from said:

too much time on your hands, try golf

On Thu May 22 15:35:47 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool Web Page!!!

On Thu May 22 15:39:31 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool Page!!!

On Thu May 22 15:42:22 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool page!!! Yi

On Thu May 22 15:45:03 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool page!!! Yi

On Thu May 22 15:45:48 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool page!!! Yi

On Thu May 22 15:35:47 EST 1997 , Yi Guan from said:

Cool Web Page!!!

On Wed May 28 17:34:36 EST 1997 , Denise Ann Wilson from said:

Hi Darrell Yes tis is me ISEA Vice Pres. I am working hard on the news paper and thought I would come on in and say HEY!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

On Wed May 28 17:36:07 EST 1997 , Denise Ann Wilson from said:

Hi Darrell Yes tis is me ISEA Vice Pres. I am working hard on the news paper and thought I would come on in and say HEY!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

On Wed May 28 17:36:48 EST 1997 , Denise Ann Wilson from said:

Hi Darrell Yes tis is me ISEA Vice Pres. I am working hard on the news paper and thought I would come on in and say HEY!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

On Wed May 28 17:39:27 EST 1997 , Denise Ann Wilson from said:

Hey Darrell this is a really neet page. I hope you are enjoying your summer I will see you soon. Denise Ann

On Sat May 31 13:39:17 EST 1997 , R.L. Swarens Jr. from said:

Darrell, are you related to the SWARENS' from Lawrenceville, Illinois?

On Tue Jun 3 14:17:04 EST 1997 , Carter Winkle from said:

You never know who'll you'll run into on the Internet. My strongest memory of you was sitting in your 6th grade math class as we watched Nixon resign. Now, at 33, I live in New York City; writing and working for a Financial Guarantee Insurance Company (CapMAC). Hope you are well.

On Tue Jun 3 14:30:03 EST 1997 , Carter Winkle from said:

Me again. Just so embarased about the spelling errors in my last 'comment.' Maybe you can attach a spell check function to your website? Then again, I guess Gertrude Slack was the English wizard. Carter

On Tue Jun 3 14:30:58 EST 1997 , Carter Winkle from said:

Me again. Just so embarased about the spelling errors in my last 'comment.' Maybe you can attach a spell check function to your website? Then again, I guess Gertrude Slack was the English wizard. Carter

On Thu Jun 5 11:05:36 EST 1997 , Dick Andrew from said:

Thanks for the visit and for the encouragement. You're a great teacher, my friend!

On Thu Jun 5 15:17:04 EST 1997 , Darrell Swarens from said:

Just added a new button to the web site.

On Tue Jun 17 17:21:19 EST 1997 , Seeking a new area from said:

My wife and I are planning on moving to Terre Haute. How can we become part of the Choral Society? Does anyone have any comments on Terre Haute? You can reach me at

On Mon Jul 7 10:39:00 EST 1997 , Darrell Swarens from said:

Looking for more comments.

On Wed Jul 9 09:36:15 EST 1997 , Laura Stuart Freese from said:

Fun to find you on the web!! The next class reunion is At the Boston Connection June 27th, 1998 so plan ahead!Susie Cagle is in charge and let her know if you have a new address.Her address is Suzie Crowder 8799 N. County Rd. 650 W Brazil, Ind. 47834 John VanSandt found me on the Net and we've been having a great time keeping up. Hope to hear from you also!If you know the new whereabout s of any other 63'ers let Suz know. I'm in Kentucky now and work at Western Kentucky University. Loved hearing about your adventures. I made a couple of trips to Russia and loved it. I should have taked Russian more than 3 days when I was in high school!

On Mon Jul 14 03:39:53 EST 1997 , ANTHONY OWENS from said:


On Thu Jul 24 23:52:39 EST 1997 , Jim Swarens from said:

Would like to send you a email re: family tree stuff, if you could provide a email address. Jim JFSWARENS@EFDSWEST.NAVFAC.NAVY.MIL 9610 Hume Road Santee, Ca 92017

On Sat Jul 26 19:27:10 EST 1997 , Cindy Swarens from said:

Could we possibly be related? I've been talking to Jim he say's there is a good possibility. Please respond.

On Fri Aug 1 22:05:15 EST 1997 , Neil B. Moores from said:

Cheers to all Volunteers!

On Mon Aug 4 11:38:33 EST 1997 , Brian Hunt from said:

Hi Darrell: You certainly are a busy group, I see, from looking at your web page. I sing with the Robert Wood Singers in the Niagara Peninsula (Ontario, Canada). We tend to sing more popular work than you. The group has been in exsitance since 1968, under the direction of Robert Wood (of course). I've just created a web page for our group. I'm looking for links with other choral group's web pages. Are you interested in swapping links? Our URL is I would like to include in our page some excerpts from our repertoire, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Good Luck, and happy singing

On Sun Nov 16 13:46:50 EST 1997 , Greg & Julie Miller-Breetz from said:

Hi, Darrell. We were searching "Terre Haute" in Yahoo, and "Darrell Swarens" was one of the hits! Gwen and Al are here and saw it, too. See ya! Greg

On Mon Nov 17 10:26:01 EST 1997 , Richard Andrew from said:

Hey, Guy! I need your help. Tell me how to access telenet from Netscape. Thanks, Dick

On Thu Jan 15 02:56:19 EST 1998 , William T. Swarens RN from said:

Dear Darrell; Am writing to you to see if you could help me find out more about the family tree of SWARENS. I live in Graham Washington and was born in 1956 in Pheonix Arizona. My father was Lewis Jackson Swarens and my Grandfather was Harry Swarens. Have found their records in the list of ssdi On the net. If you could help I will give you any Information that I find. Bill Swarens 19409 110th Ave CRT East Graham, Wa 98338 1-253-847-6117 home 1-253-596-8405 Msg

On Tue Feb 17 02:35:02 EST 1998 , Andy Miller aka Booger from said:

You are cool Darrell and I like singing with you in choir!

On Tue Feb 17 02:35:48 EST 1998 , Andy Miller aka Booger from said:

You are cool Darrell and I like singing with you in choir!

On Mon Feb 23 15:59:44 EST 1998 , Bill Kunkel ( from said:

I really enjoyed your home page for the Community Theatre of Terre Haute. I am originally from Terre Haute (Gerstmeyer H.S., class of 1964, and ISU, 1964-65. I retired from the army at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and got interested in community theatre a couple of years ago. I am on the board of directors of Lawton Community Theater, which competed at AACT '97 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We had a volunteer coordinator at Grand Rapids, who said she and her husband used to be in Terre Haute, and they worked with the community theatre. I don't remember her name, but her husband's first name was Israel. A real nice couple. I like some of the activities you feature, and am going to see if we can't implement some of them. My e-mail address is listed above, and our theater home page is, if anyone is interested. Thanks again for bringing back some memories of Terre Haute.

On Wed Mar 4 08:50:26 EST 1998 , Dick andrew from said:

You just keep getting better!

On Wed Mar 4 11:57:12 EST 1998 , Andrew Thompson from said:

Angela Thompson is a very talented singer.

On Sat Mar 7 10:15:08 EST 1998 , Dick Andrew from said:

Roadmaster, I'm visiting from the KETC Conference in Louisville. Did you find out anything for me regarding the mama accounts? Talk to you later.

On Wed Mar 18 21:45:11 EST 1998 , Wes from said:

Hey Darrell, you remember me. How come you were in Albuquerque and didn't continue on routr 66 to Flagstaff (don't forget Winona)? I'm looking for your Web sight to see if you have had any new old ones check in.

On Thu Apr 30 18:01:29 EST 1998 , Gordon Clark from said:

Don't forget my tape.

On Wed May 6 14:36:33 EST 1998 , John Bloxdorf from said:

Hi Darrell, Well, it seems that the Trib-Star still can't seem to recognize that THCS exists as of today, 6 May. I think that as many members as possible should make their thoughts and displeasure known to the editor/publisher/arts editor about the way the paper covers the efforts of over 180 members of the Terre Haute in presenting a fine concert to the community. Truly an appalling lack of sensitivity to the arts and their place in cultural environment of this city. But, did we give them all the information necessary to stimulate them into thinking that there MIGHT POSSIBLY be a story worth writing about? From what you have told me, I think we did. Therefore, I am proceeding with a missive to the paper's editorial staff. John Bloxdorf (

On Sat May 9 23:45:41 EST 1998 , Jeff Shearon from said:

Great web site! I hope you got my e-mail message.

On Sat May 16 20:32:54 EST 1998 , sherry swarens quade from said:

I'm new to the internet and have been looking at all the Swarens I can find. My family is from Southwest Missouri since the turn of the century, but my great-grandparents, Wm.L and Mary L. Swarens were originall from Indiana. It's been very interesting reading your web pages.

On Fri May 22 22:06:37 EST 1998 , Kate Swarens from said:

I was trying to see if anyone had the same last name as me and i came across your website. I really enjoyed it!

On Mon Aug 3 12:57:39 EST 1998 , Ken Baker from said:

Creative Web Site

On Thu Aug 20 22:36:31 EST 1998 , Curt Winkle from said:

You might want to consider adding a link about rehersals and giving information one might might need if they would like to sing with the THCS. Who is welcome, Date we start rehersing, Where & time of rehersals, contact person(s) Curt Winkle

On Wed Sep 2 12:20:38 EST 1998 , Patty Shidler from said:

I am in your 12:00 ELED 272 Class and I found this site so I thought I would say HI.

On Wed Sep 16 09:14:46 EST 1998 , laura kunkel from said:

Darrell I just happened to find your home page. Wow! You did such a great job. You're very tallented. I can't wait to see you in choir.

On Wed Oct 7 11:03:06 EST 1998 , Edward Lazear from said:

Darrell: I cannot see a way to access earlier-submitted comments. Your web site does not make it at all obvious how to join in on the chat.

On Fri Dec 11 11:30:19 EST 1998 , Larry Swarens from said:

My parents are from Lawrenceville IL. My Dad's father is from Crawford county IN., his father is William Ellis Swarens,. That is as far as I know. If you have any info. my e-mail address is: Thank you.

On Sat Jan 9 20:59:28 EST 1999 , SHELLY HALTERMAN from said:


On Sat Jan 30 17:17:02 EST 1999 , John Byerly from said:

Hi Mr. Swarens. I'm pretty sure from the picture that this is the Mr. Swarens that taught my 5th and 6th grade class at the lab school, so I thought I would leave you a note to say "Hi". I really liked having you as teacher and I still remember all the stories you would read to us. Thanks for the memories.

On Wed Mar 17 12:58:21 EST 1999 , Robert (Larry) Swarens from said:


On Thu Mar 18 17:06:56 EST 1999 , Dee from said:

THANK YOU so much for the translation of Mozart's Requiem!!!!! I have looked all over the Net for it.

On Fri Mar 19 23:01:57 EST 1999 , lance Stroud from said:

A very interesting site. I am looking forward to this summer and maybe going on civil war hunt in ky. See ya. Lance

On Mon Mar 22 13:47:32 EST 1999 , Josie Zimmerman from said:

Callie's daughter. Hi Darrell!

On Fri Mar 26 16:39:00 EST 1999 , lauren W. Boswell from said:

I am an undergraduate vocal performance student at Murray State University in Murray, KY, and I was looking up information about Libby Larsen for a class project. I'm glad I stumbled onto this information! Thank you! It was most helpful. I really admire your involvement in the choral program at ISU. Best of luck! Thanks again!

On Wed Apr 7 01:27:33 EST 1999 , William Thomas Swarens from said:

Wonder if you are one of my relitives or one of the other SWARENS that I have found on the Net

On Tue May 4 13:22:18 EST 1999 , Sue Ann from said:

I lived in TH the first 29 years of my life; have been away for 12 years and make several visits a year. I never realized TH had a choral society. It must be one of those well kept secrets. Next time I'm there I will definitely seek you out. Good luck.

On Mon Jun 14 11:53:52 EST 1999 , from said:

please e-mail me i would like to know if you are related to curtis joseph swarens

On Fri Dec 3 02:46:31 EST 1999 , Steve Miller from said:

Nice web page, keep up the good work. Hope all is going well, tell Jason I said "hi."

On Sat Dec 4 01:59:06 EST 1999 , Douglas Miller from said:

Nice web site Darrell

On Tue Jan 4 17:17:27 EST 2000 , Donna Dyhrkopp Clarke from said:

Colombia RPCV ETV 1967 - 69 I have a new email address:

On Sat Feb 26 17:40:16 EST 2000 , Holly Hittle from said:

Hi Darrell! I had a little spare time and was looking up ISU and sorta wandered onto your page. How are you doing?

On Mon Mar 13 13:12:09 EST 2000 , Douglas Hurst Quebbeman from said:

Greetings from a distant cousin (3rd cousin once removed), who found your web site whilst digesting lunch this fine day... -dq

On Mon Apr 3 22:33:28 EST 2000 , Tom Johnson from said:

I graduated from Terre Haute Gerstmeyer class of '64. Been away for 35 years and it was nice to see some peoples names I recognized. E-mail is

On Tue Apr 25 17:19:24 EST 2000 , Sarah McCormack from said:

Hey Darryl, You're page is awesome! I really like the old pictures! All the best, Sarah McCormack

On Thu May 25 21:55:12 EST 2000 , Christie Whitehead from said:

Hello professor Swarens. I am in your 3 wk Eled272 course and I was looking at what the next assignment was going to be for tomorrow and I came across your webpage. I thought it would be kind of fun to view it so, I did. I really liked it. I especially liked the part where you showed your family photos, and the segment of the singing corale. I enjoyed it because it made me realize more about you and one of my sorority sisters is on the top of your web page for that page. How exciting! I just wanted you to know that your web page looks great and has a lot of fun things to look at and read! Keep up the great work. See you tomorrow. Christie Whitehead

On Wed Aug 9 10:20:56 EST 2000 , Jason Swarens from said:

Dad, I was at the public library and just thought i would check out your webpage.

On Sun Aug 27 12:45:42 EST 2000 , James Harting from said:

So far this class has been alot of fun. I'm pretty sure that it will stay that way.

On Wed Nov 22 00:13:39 EST 2000 , Eric Pitts from said:

Hello, You were my 5th grade teacher years ago at Lab school, I still have memories of hiding under the desks in the back of the room to avoid doing classwork, lol. Anyway, I just thought i would let you know that I stopped by your website, great job ! As for me I am a Web Developer and Master Control Operator at Fox 38 WBAK, I am married with 2 children 10-12 both girls. Again, nice job with the website, I'll stop back by sometime.

On Wed Jan 17 20:34:49 EST 2001 , August Casson from said:

Great page!!!

On Wed Apr 18 14:33:45 EST 2001 , Paul Schmiedicke from said:

Hi Darrell ! Is AIME still in existance?? I am retiring as AV Specialist at Bradley University in Peoria, IL This summer. I have been here ten years. I would like to send a position announcement to anyone interested. Let me know. Thanks, Paul

On Sun Jul 8 17:16:50 EST 2001 , Tony Griffin from said:

I was a trainee, first in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and then at CEUCA (Centro Educativo Universitario Colomboamericano)in Bogota, in 1967. My service was in Boyaca from '67 - '69. I'm wondering if anyone who reads these pages knows and/or can put me in touch with Dennis Lynch or Julie Otterbein, both of whom served in Colombia during that time frame. My email is: Thanks.........

On Mon Sep 3 15:41:19 EST 2001 , Thomas Potter from said:

September 2001 - Darrell, this is great work. I hope you can keep it going - this is very important I think to the cultural life of Terre Haute and surrounding areas. TNP

On Thu Sep 13 10:20:34 EST 2001 , Pete Hargrove from said:

Hey Darrell Do you have any idea where nan harrison (now sergeant, i think) is? i was her busboy when she worked as a waitress at albion college (which i note with dismay and suspicion is not mentioned in her work history by her picture) (I was a pcv in india, two years before)

On Sun Sep 23 01:14:23 EST 2001 , from said:

Mr Daniel Faure Coro de Cámara Adrogué, Argentina wants to communicate with you! Brothers and sisters all over the world Let us say YES TO PEACE, and NO TO WAR of any kind. We are singers. We are musicians. Let us organize concerts for peace, any day, any time, any city, any country in the world, any choir, orchestra or musical group of the world, saying just a single message: "We say yes to peace, we say no to war". Music is the single and common language we all share. Music does not kill, music does not take revenge of any kind. Music does not harm to anybody. Music is life. Yours sincerelly Mr Daniel Faure Coro de Cámara Adrogué ARGENTINA ps, we are sending this message over every musical forum on the internet. Our message was echoed from various points in the world. Thanks for forwarding it!!!

On Thu Oct 25 16:51:21 EST 2001 , Jerry Landman from said:

Hi, Darrell: I was looking for a web site, and your site popped up. I said to myself, "I know him." I wonder who else is still around at ISU from the University School? I ran into Greg Ulm at Fridays in Indianapolis about a month ago. Jerr