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After five years at the Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis, one would think that I could write my own entries in the library. However, this is not so. Law school was a grind for me...primarily because I commuted 200 miles a day so that I could attend and worked full time at the same time. However, I finally graduated and now am only awaiting the opportunity to prove that I CAN pass a bar (exam).

I started law school on a bet and a delusion that I would be able to make a difference to our legal system. I no longer believe in that ability to make wholesale changes in what may or may not be wrong with "the system." However, I do believe that we have to keep trying. So if any of you out there are thinking of law, not really. If you have drive, committment, integrity and are suffering from a large case of idealism...GO...the profession needs you. Yes, we have a LOT of lawyers in the United States...what we don't have are a lot of lawyers who are also idealists.

The library will contain various items and links that are law and government related. Please send your comments and suggestions, so that I can make this page something that others will appreciate as well.

Protecting children from inappropriate content on the Internet, in television and in printed materials is a PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. Let's work to encourage parents to assume that responsibility, rather than asking for government censorship to do it for them.

If you are concerned about your right to free speech on the Internet, as well as other related topics, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) "Alerts" site.

Law Links

The following addresses will provide some starting points for research in the areas of crime, law, justice and government. More will be added as they are found. If you know of a site that should be included, please email me with the address and I will add it to the list.

Mail your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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This page was last on May 22, 1997.