The Home Front
a.k.a. "The War Zone"

Well, here you are . . . braving the "War Zone" to learn more about us. My, you must lead a boring life or suffer from extreme masochistic urges. Whichever it is, I guess I will be pleased to assist you.

My husband and I were married on July 19, 1996 . . . yes, we are still "newlyweds." Since we were both married in previous lives, we chose to have a small wedding and a large party when we returned from our honeymoon. However, at the party, our "friends" surprised us with a wedding ceremony of their own.

We currently have "His, Mine, and Our" children. You can check out the family in the photos below.

This is my number 1 daughter, Amanda Edwards. She's 13...going on 25, but all in all a pretty cool kid. She plays violin, loves animals of all kinds and wants to be a vet. (She currently has one horse, four dogs, two cats, three gerbils, two birds, and some fish . . . and she used to have more!) And, she's not bad at drawing either.

Next, you can meet my husband's daughter (and my second number 1 daughter) Tristan. Tristan is 12 and likes animals and drawing as well. She currently has a small menagerie consisting of 4 cats, two birds, about 15 hamsters and gerbils, a couple of mice and two tanks of fish. She also hates to have her picture taken . . . if you couldn't tell.

Our final "number 1 daughter" is Ariel Giovanna, or as we like to call her . . ."The Monkey Baby." That is just ONE of her many names, including: "Sparkles," "Teeny-Weeny," "Fish," and "Teddy Bear." I just hope she learns her real name. She was born on December 30, 1996 and is just a generally happy, funny little girl.

Last, but certainly not least, is my husband's (and my) number one and only son, Tony. He's 10 years old and likes NASCAR, science fiction, science fact (He knows more about NASA than I ever have.), and games of all types. He currently goes "hacking and sacking" with us in a D & D group on the weekends, as well as playing lots of different computer games.

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