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Art has always been "one of my things" . . . so to speak. Some of my favorite paintings are those done by the French Impressionists. In high school and very early in college I was an art major and, if I had believed I could make money at it, I would have continued with that major. However, I didn't want to wait to die to make money from my paintings . . . if I ever did. I'm sort of impatient that way.

At any rate, here I can have my own gallery where I can show my work and maybe some others' work as well. It will also include links to other sites on art and artists. Feel free to wander and enjoy the displays, but please honor the copyright information posted below.

These are just some quick pencil drawings; at times I just like to sit down and draw from a photo of someone. There are many of these types of drawings in my sketchpads. They usually take a couple of hours to do . . . sometimes more, sometimes less. It just depends on how things are going that day. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time lately to do this on a regular basis. These are all pictures I have done for books at work.


The picture to the left is a composite drawing of my oldest daughter, Amanda, my husband's son, Tony, and my previous secretary's baby daughter, Selina.

The picture above is Amanda's answer to Jackson Pollock, using all of the colors of "White-Out" that exist in my office. It is, perhaps the ONLY use for the stuff since we all began using computers.

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