Quattro Stagioni - The Four Seasons Fountain was LIFT's first festival project.


Many attractions in Clinton, Indiana, are available year-round. This page will show just a few of them.

The Arch

The arch is a gateway to the old part of Clinton.

The Coal Fountain

The Coal Fountain is located in Immigrant Square. Immigrants came to this country for many different reasons, mainly to make a new way of life, to better educate their children, and to seek jobs to ensure their ambitions. Thus, many of them found work in the coal fields.

This monument is dedicated to their past as coal miners.

Flags of Many Nations

Although the main theme of Clinton is Italian, more than thirty nationalities are represented by the early immigrants to this area.

In Immigrant Square thirty colorful flags of the nations are flown to honor our forefathers.

Bronze Immigrant Statue

The Immigrant Statue is the focal point of Immigrant Square. The statue of the immigrant, suitcase in hand, as he sets foot for the first time in a foreign land.

Immigrant Square Statue base

Base of the Bronze Immigrant Statue reminds visitors of the Salute to all immigrants of Clinton, Indiana.

Bull Head Drinking Fountain

This fountain is in the shape of a bull's head and is located next to the Immigrante Statute. Joe Airola and his wife, Josephine, presented the face of this unusual fountain to LIFT after returning from their trip to Italy in 1970.

Background information: Hundreds of years ago, there was a constant war between towns. Upon one occasion, a town was invaded and things seemed hopeless. The people decided the only thing that they could do was to stampede their bulls at the enemy. The bulls ran the invaders down, therefore saving the town. It was this occasion that brought the town to be named Torino. To pay everlasting tribute to the bull, or toro, the people had a fountain on every corner in the shape of a bull.

This was the only piped water in the town for years.

Many thanks to the Il Bolletino Della Piccola Italia (The Bulletin of Little Italy) for providing much of the information contained on this page. The bulletin was a supplement of The Daily Clintonian Newspaper.

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