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As you may have guessed, Frank is an avid Mopar* fan. Below are pictures of his pride and joy - 1970 Plymouth Duster and its 318 engine. In our driveway, garage and yard, we have a total of nine Mopars*. Click on the Duster to see a picture of each.

Frank is also a member of MML (Mopar Mailing List) on the internet. He spends hours each day emailing and receiving email from about 800 guys and gals with nothing to do but talk about Mopars. Hmmmmm, did I say that like it's a BAD thing? :)

This is their logo:

To subscribe to the MML, send email to '' or click here Leave the subject blank and put 'Subscribe Mopar email address' in the body. Substitute your email address after Subscribe Mopar. You WILL receive about 150 e-mails per day!

The best magazine in which to find Mopar cars and parts!

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Mopar Monster Weekend
Chrysler Classic
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