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Every social action group should at the same time be an adult education group, and I go even as far as to believe that all successful adult education groups sooner or later become social action groups.

- Eduard Lindeman

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On this page you will find examples of my instructional design work. You may contact me at smithareddy.edulakanti@gmail.com to discuss my work and how I can help you and your organization achieve the training results you need to be the best in your industry.

My perspective of Instructional Design (as a Process)

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Introduction to Classroom Computer Use: “Developing, Implementing And Evaluating Computer-Based Instruction”

As a part of my Doctoral Dissertation at Indiana State University, I developed the course Introduction to Classroom Computer Use - CIMT 272. The course was designed to familiarize undergraduate education students with the microcomputer as an instructional tool. Click here to view the developed instructional module.

The doctoral reseach study aimed to investigate if there are any significant differences in the final learning outcomes between those students who experienced the computer-based instruction model and those students who experienced the traditional instruction for Course CIMT 272, at the College of Education, Indiana State University, in the fall 2007. I designed the supplementary training documents for the students and their respective assignments on the Blackboard course site.

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The Signaling Solutions Inc.'s Promotional/Instructional CD-Rom: “Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation of Products for The Signaling Solution, Inc."

I also developed a corporate promotional/instructional CD for The Signaling Solutions Inc., during my internship.

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The Signaling Solution, Inc., a model railroading company headquartered at West Terre Haute, Indiana provides the latest technology at the best price for model railroad electronics. It was established by Mr. Bill Ataras in 1995. While the products provide high-technology to the problems and needs of the community, the community itself consists of users who typically have little if any interest in electronics and computer technology. There was a need to keep the client in pace with the advanced technology. As the client is generally not a person involved with technology, there needs to be a strong mode of communication between the client and the manufacturer.
The proposed solution for this was the Interactive Multimedia Promotional/Instructional CD. The CD not only produces impressive illustrations, animations and video to hold the potential clients attention but also their attention is solely dedicated to TSSI and its products.

Introduction to the Indiana State University's Library:

Another small piece of work that I would like to present is small introductory slideshow, I created this for the Indian Students Association at Indiana State University. The slideshow introduces the ISU library facilities to the new students. Click here to see the instructional slideshow.

Sample of my documentation skills:

Internship Report at TSSI


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