A message from the CPR:

Sinfonia as a whole is at a crossroads. Or is it THE Crossroads? We're about to pass into our second century, and we're in a time when the arts are seen as "non-essential". Sinfonia... 200+ collegiate chapters strong... over 4,000 ative members... over 60,000 alumni members... "To instill in a ll people an awareness of music's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit." With those numbers and that quote as one of our purposes, someone please tell me why sinfonia is not making a difference in support of the arts. In every newspaper that has something about a fight for arts advocacy, the letters Phi, Mu, and Alpha should be there. It's time that we choose a new path at these Crossroads, and stop being an internal organization. There are thousands of people out there that have never heard of Sinfonia and thousands more that have and can't understand why we would join suh a group. The LOVE OF MUSIC... that's what it's all about, and that's what we need to "instill in a ll people."

Yes, this is a challenge to all that read this message. But, how can we do this? It starts with the individual. And that individual starts wording with another individual. And soon, a whole chapter is letting everyone they know why they love music. All it takes is one concert at one retirement home, or at one mall, or at any public venue. Someone there is so touched by the music that they begin to cry. They tell there friends and relatives about the wonderful music they heard. Brothers, this stuff is CONTAGIOUS! So, take the challenge, and put all of your effort into it! Realize how great Sinfonia an be and make it that way! Work for Sinfonia and Sinfonia will work for you!

Mark Lichtenburg mlichten@camelot.bradley.edu
Delta Nu '93