LIFS 517/417: Cell Biology Course Syllabus


LIFS 417: Cell Biology Course Syllabus


Coordinator & Instructor: Dr. Swapan K. Ghosh 

Rm S287G, 237-2416


Dr. James Hughes: 237-2388


The requirements and expectations for this 400-level undergrad course are different from the one offered for the Graduate students in LS517. 


LS417: Quizzes and questions would often be different (although there may be some overlap) and undergrad grading scale is: >80% A, >70%B, >60% C, >50% D.


LS517: Graduate Course Grading: >90%: A, >85%: B+, >80%: B, >75%: C+ , >70%: C, >70%: C, >65%: D+, >60%: D, >50%: F  


Required Text:  Cell and Molecular Biology: Gerald Carp, 4th edition

Companion text (optional) : Essential Cell Biology: Alberts, Bray Hopkin etc. , 2nd Edition.

 Chapters to be taught by:


Pop quizzes, class participation and discussion: 100 points: 9pts each = 90 pts 

Regular Attendance: 10 points

Three hourly examinations at the end of each instructor’s presentation:  300 points

Term paper:  100 points

Total points: 500 points


Lecture Schedule


Section A.  Professor S.K. Ghosh


August 25:  Introduction—(overview of the course content, introduction of the teachers, explanations of what is expected of the teachers and the students, discussion on assessment of learning experience); Introduction to Cell Biology, and theories (Chap. 1)


August 27: The Unit of Life--Cell types: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, Multicellularity and differentiation: cell architecture; cytoplasmic membrane system (Chapter 8).

special features of plant cells (Chapter 1, 8)



August 30: Continuation, and highlights of methodologies used in cell biology (Chap. 18)


Sept. 1: Chemistry of a cell: From small molecules to macromolecules (Chapter 2)


Sept. 3: Quiz (10 min); Cellular biochemistry: functional macromolecules—enzymes, antibodies, chaperones, and metabolism (Chapter 2)


September 6: LABOR DAY


Sept. 8: Continuation of the above.


Sept.. 10: Cell anatomy & function: Cytoskeleton and cell motility (Chapter 9; Chapter 17 Aberts)


Sept.. 13:. Quiz (10 min); Cell anatomy & function: Cytoskeleton and cell motility 


Sept.. 15:  Continuation of the above.


Sept.. 17: Continuation of the above.


Sept. 20: Quiz (10 min); Multi-cellular Phenomena: Cell-cell interaction, cell adhesion  (Chapter 7; Chapter 16 Alberts)


Sept. 22: From cells to multi-cellular Organizations: The Immune System (Chapter 17).


Sept. 24:  Cell-cell interaction and the immune system (Continuation of the above);

September 27: Review of the topics taught


September 29: EXAM 1


Section B:  Professor James Hughes


October 1:  Cell constituents: Different membranes - Introduction to structure and function of the plasma membranes (Chapter 4; Chapter 11 Alberts).


October 4: Continuation


October 6:  Quiz (10 min) & Continuation of the above


October 8: FALL BREAK


October 11: Quiz (10 min). Cytoplasmic membrane systems, function and trafficking (chapter 8;  Chapter 12 alberts).


October 13: Continuation of the above


October 15: Aerobic respiration and the mitochondrion (chapter 5)


October 18:. Continuation of the above


October 20: Quiz (10 min).  Continuation of the above


October 22: Photosynthesis and the chloroplasts (Chapter 6). .


October 25: Continuation of the above.


October 27: Cellular phenomena; Cell Signaling ( Chapter 15


October 29: Continuation and Review


November 1:  Exam II


Section C.: Professor Swapan Ghosh


November 3:  Cellular phenomena: Cell signaling and cell Junctions, adhesion and the extracellular matrix (Chapter 4, 7).


November 5: Continuation of the above


November 8: Quiz (10 min).  Cellular heart of the matter: The Cell nucleus (Chapter 12)


November 10:  Continuation of the above


November 12:  Quiz (10 min). Continuation of the above


November 15: Cell Reproduction and differentiation ( Chapter 14).


November 17: Continuation of the above.


November 19: Quiz (10 min). Continuation of the above


November 22: Cell differentiation and tissue maintenance




November 29:Continuation of the above


December 1:   Review and Continuation


December 3: Term Paper

December 5: Exam III


December 6-10: Study Week


December 15:  Term paper discussion  8 am


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