Stolen U.S.S.E. Robot Specs

We do not have any descriptions for these weapons of war yet, we only have names. But our excellent computer hacker that hacked these pictures from the U.S.S.E.'s mainframe was able to get one piece of information, he found that the designer of the Mech Warrior was the famed Ben Vaughan who built the MARSBASE colony. Our computer hacker is currently working on finding out what kind of weapons they have, too. If you have any information regarding what kind of weapons these robots have, please fill out the Questions or Comments form, with the name of which robot you are talking about and a description. If I think that your description of the weapons is good, I will put it in my description of weapons. Thanks.



Eagle One

Golden Eagle

Mech Warrior

Mega Man

Ski Bots

Worthog One

Worthog Two

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