REBEL Mountain

This is REBEL Mountain

This is the main cave, in its early stages, when they were finishing up the walls. You can see a worker using a laser drill on the right wall.

Here you can see a R.E.B.E.L. climbing out of one of the many fissures and preparing to do a little climbing for excercise.

As you can see, the Sparrow is hovering above the mountain with the lake doors open for it to land in the landing area inside the volcano.

The birdship head has seperated from the rest of its body to go on a practice flight. The reason the picture is blury is because the Sparrow took it while it was leaving on a mission.

The birdship's neck has a crane in it and here they are unloading cargo with it into the landing pad room.

This is an aerial view of the top of the mountain. The big rock sticking out of the top right of the mountain is a giant bolder that was lodged their when the volcano blew its top. It is now used as an entrance to the elevator shaft.

Here is the vehicle entrance to the mountain. It leads back up to the main cave.

Here is the helicopter cave. This is mainly used in case of emergencies.

Here is the supply room and to the left is the elevator.

The tall skinny room with the Sparrow in it is the landing pad room. To the left of it is the supply room. Right below the supply room you can see the bomb shelter. To the immediate right of that is the fissure room, that is where all the fissure tunnels lead.


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