Pyrott Island

Pyrott Island has many features to it, the old pirate ship on the right has a landing pad for flying-type ships to land on and in its hold, it houses an assortment of swords and the such. On the left, where you can see a yellow strip, there is a building that houses the major handheld wepons.

On this side, you can see the bigger part of the island. The fortress has two inside levels ane one top, outside level.

Here you can see the hidden door that opens into the lower level of the fortress, this is where they keep a rubber raft to transport goods in between a ship and the island.

This is a helicopter view of the fortress side.

The R.E.B.E.L.'s are one of the Pyrott's major customers, the ship that has landed is a Warrior Class Air Fortress that the R.E.B.E.L.'s found crashed in Hawaii on a mission there and they re-built it from parts bought from the Pyrotts.

Here is a recent "shipment" of gold crystal (in the brown barrel), that the Pyrotts somehow acquired. Gold crystal is used to power many small ships, but isn't stable enough to be used in great quantity, so larger ships can't use it.


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