The Birdship

This is a picture of the Birdship when it was first built. It was originally built by the U.S.S.E. They designed it as a prototype to build larger, more powerful ships.

This is the Birdship being unloaded at one of the U.S.S.E.'s oil refinery.

Here is the storage bay. Two doors open to reveal a rather spacious interior.

This is the back of the birdship.

The pilot sits in the head, or front end of the ship, and the co-pilot sits in the very back, to the right of the guard.

One day the birdship was flying to a munitions dump, when the R.E.B.E.L.'s shot one of the Birdships engines which forced the enemy to make an immediate landing. That is when the R.E.B.E.L.'s acquired the Birdship. They made some modifications, like making the head be able to detatch from the rest of the body, having a crane in its neck, and having anti-plasma guns retract from the Birdship's feet.


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