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July 10, 1998


Well I have had this page up for a few days but forgot to save the link to it... needless to say it has been
floating... only two pictures for the time being.. be patient more will be posted as time permits... I realize how exciting they are..

An early thanks to one Chris Graber for adding me to his main link line.... Maybe the rest of you will follow his lead...:) oh yea, sorry I missed the get together at Outback.. I would have loved to go but had already made plans some early notice would be helpful, due to my fast lane life :) ...

        Soul Calibur!
          Holy cow ... Soul Blade (or Edge) fans rejoice the sequel to the best fighting game of all time (at least in               my opinion).. anyway check it out! the page is abit graphic intensive but it is worth it...



July 5, 1998

Happy Birthday!
   I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July... I spent the day playing Croquet with at Jenn's.. I hope everyone has had a chance to play this great game. It is the perfect lazy day activity.... We played until dark and then played cards and music trivia.. Proof positive that the simple life is still the most enjoyable.. *editors note- alcohol played a small role in the evening. But hey we are all adults and it was causal so no need for alarm! :)

        Also had a family reunion today. It was nice to see the clan again, we ate some great food, played some games, intertained my nephew and shot minature golf. *editors note- i shot a 41 although i forget par 36 i think...check out the happening home town of Greensburg, IN

        Mike Ray joins the work force this week at his new job in Kentucky... I believe physical therapy but not sure the title of the facility.... He also bought a new car ... a '95 Grand Am .. A very impressive car :)

Photo Album,
        Very soon I will have some family and friends pictures in my online photo album, I hope to also include some pictures of our new house... so stayed tuned for further updates


 July 1, 1998

       Change in format!

        Well I don't like the looks of this page quite yet. Some things are easier than others to work with. I am going to start playing around with some image editors and art programs to try and spice things up a little bit... this black background isn't cutting it ...     

        Check it out ... playing around with the image editor... pretty fun little program if you want my opinion, but your on my page so there it is...                                                                                                  


June 29, 1998                                                                                                                                         9:10 pm

                Welcome everyone to the very first edition of my homepage. First of all, I would like to thank Chris and Brad
        for assisting me in getting this page up and running, your help was much appreciated. Since this my first attempt at this
        I hope everyone will bear with me as I experiment with my direction for this page.

                I guess first of all this page will be dedicated to the promotion and betterment of the sport of hockey, both inline
         and ice. For those who care I will be posting important hockey news and notes, especially for my beloved Rangers!

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                O.k. I think that this is enough for a while, man maintaining a page is more work than I thought... I still need to
        to study for my Psychology test tomorrow....