From Internet to medical miracles, our world changes and becomes more advanced every day.  America is the land of dreams, and dreams such as living in space are now close to coming true.  We lead the world in scientific discovery and industry.  The future continues to be made better for Americans with so many developments.  Yet, at the same time, this technology and advanced culture is seen by many as a threat and the future end to society as we know it.  Science fiction cleasrly represents both sides of the issue of what is in future for Americans and technology.

Is what we are now capable of doing right and when is the time to end some exploration?  These types of questions have become well-known with developments such as the atomic bomb and cloning.

Science fiction, in general, is usually thought of as alien encounter, robots,and machines.  This type of work is often seen, yet overgeneralized as a whole.  However, this tuype of futuristic life portrayed in a story stems from the positive outlook on more and more scientific advancement.  Already we can do so much, what if we could do more?  Right now we are able to create machines to perform random tasks such as in the story "Fondly Fahrenheit" however within the story the machine malfunctions. "The Electric Ant" is not as realistic because the main character is a human with machine organs.  This could become a reality, seeing how we have artificial arms and legs.  Technology changes all morals and our way of thinking.  As in "The Jigsaw Man" Lew got put on death row for a traffic violation so his organs could be used.  It was not until the 1990s that organ transplants became regularly practiced.

A science fiction story tells an idea about what the future will hold for people.  Some authors have a positive outlook, while others do not see a very happy life for us.  Either way, the main focus in all of the stories is scientific and technological advances.  Will our advances and discoveries continue to improve the lives of humans, or will they be the very downfall of our existence?  We can only hope that there will continue to be stories of ideas for the "next future" by humans instead of a new race of beings studying our history.

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