The Rising Sun

For the Emperor's glory!

November 15, 1939

Peace agreement reached with U.S.S.R., Summit Planned in Moscow for February.

A major peace initiative between the USSR and the Empire of Japan has born fruit, as a force reduction agreement on the Siberian frontier has been agreed to.

Both Japan and the USSR see this as a bright indicator of peaceful relations for the forseeable future, and hope to build on the new-found mutual trust with possible trade initiatives and other measures.

It is in that spirit that Comrade Stalin has invited Prince Fumimako to Moscow for a summitt meeting. It has been planned for February of next year.

Soviet T-26 Armored Vehicle (and crew) near Vladivostok

Chinese cities pacified as fighting ends

Disorganized resistance and sporadic fighting has plagued some cities in China as a minority of citizens opposed to Japanese occupation have taken up arms. This fighting has ceased this month in several of those cities, and is coming under control in others.

Most Chinese citizens have welcomed Japanese troops, and have hailed them for bringing enlightened rule to the region after many years of backwards mismanagement. In a number of these cities, residents have already noticed, and shown appreciation for, a marked improvement in their everyday lives. They are now free to live peacefully and carry out their workdays, away from the rigors of a vicious civil war that has gripped China for quite some time. All involved hope for a quick resolution to this destructive and pointless conflict, and a return to law and order.

In news from the front, Chinese forces have gained some meaningless ground in some regions, but have paid a very high price as they have taken a high number of casualties. The Japanese Army command is unconcerned about the losses, and are confident that ultimate victory vs. the evil Nationalists will be achieved

The new Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighter

Weather Forecast:

The home islands can expect a very rainy month, which will cause a very muddy environment as the month drags on. Outlying islands can expect rain and storms as well. For more information, including forecasts for the rest of the empire, see page 3.


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New Long-Range Fighter Unveiled

The Japanese air force has a new weapon, the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighter plane, pictured above. This aircraft has a range of nearly 2000km, at speeds of over 500kph, with standard outfit. Extra fuel tanks would allow an even larger range.

This aircraft should soon rule the skies of East Asia, and all those foolish enough to oppose our Emperor's glorious designs will feel the wrath of this new fighter plane soon. Our crack pilots love the new plane, noting how easy and enjoyable it is to fly. Production is already underway, and our determined workforce produces planes very quickly. We expect all our current fighter forces will be fully outfitted with these planes in just a few months, in time for spring, which often sees more offensive action.

Hong Kong Welcomes Liberators!

The city of Hong Kong held a parade today as citizens there celebrated the end of colonialist repression and rule by imperialists agressors from Europe. Shouts of "English go home!" were heard in the streets.

Once lasting peace in the region is guaranteed, Japanese officials have promised to create a strong, stable government so that the people of Hong Kong can live peacefully and rule themselves, without foreign intervention.

Editorial: End of Era of European Colonialism?

Now that England itself is in a war for its very survival back in Europe, it is clear that they can not continue to rule their lands so far away, unless their subjects allow it. Asians under colonial repression should rise up against those who have been usurping Asia's natural wealth for too long. Do not allow them to keep you down with empty threats!

Look at the example of the Japanese Empire. Thanks in part to the divine guidance of the Emperor and his dedicated government, Japan has never been ruled by a European colonialist. We refuse to be bullied, to submit.

Even now, the Empire of Japan fights to defend itself from arrogant European agressors, who would like nothing more than to turn Japan into yet another European posession! We will not let them, nor should any other East Asian people! The Empire of Japan shines brightly as an example to the rest of the world, to dispel the myth of European superiority.

Now is the moment to rise up against your oppressors! You will find help from within and without in your cause, and those who wish to stop you will be powerless, if you organize your numbers.

Wartime Budgetary Changes coming in January

Prince Fumimako met with his top Economic advisors this month, and due to increased military needs to face threats to the Emperor's glorious lands, a small tax increase of 3% may be instituted. "These new funds will be used to help our brave samurai face the European agressors and their cronies, such as Australia and New Zealand", said the Prince in an interview. "We understand that the Japanese citizen already gives much to his Empire, but we ask that they sacrifice a little now, so that we may all share in the glory of the Japan of the future! We need to give our sailors, soldiers, and pilots every advantage we can on the battlefield, this tax increase should allow that."