Operation Barbarossa: An Economic and Historical Perspective


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The goal of this page is to attempt to bring a new perspective to the discussion of what I believe to be the pivotal event of all of WW2: the German Invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Code Name Operation: Barbarossa. To me, all of the other conflicts/ fronts were of secondary importance in comparison to this one. The sheer enormity of it is something that most people simply seem to overlook, and I think that this is partly due to the fact that the numbers are so big they just don't seem to sink in.

I hope someone will find this stuff useful, it is going to take me several months to write these pages. But even if no one but me ever sees or reads them, I will still consider it time well spent. It's so amazing to think about the fact that despite the aforementioned huge scale, so much could have been altered so much so easily, by just a few people. (Now I sound like Winston Churchill!)

Seriously, I feel that if a few decisions had been reversed, or a few chance occurrences not occured, the outcome of the campaign could have been MUCH different. And since, as I said, this campaign was the most focal one of the war, if this campaign had changed, it would have had far-reaching effects on the entire conflict, which was the largest conflict in human history. And after-effects from WW2 in general, and the action of the Eastern Front particularly, we still very much having an effect on the everyday life of people at least 50 years later. The rise of the 2 world superpowers, the resulting cold war, and the division of Europe between east and west are all directly attributable to the events of the Second World War. Pretty major stuff!

I'm not trying to downplay what went on in the Pacific, or in France, or anything, and I want to make it clear that the men who fought and died there were themselves no more or less important than the ones that fought and died on the endless Russian plains. However, I will say that I believe Americans generally overestimate the importance of D-Day, for example. While it's true that it was the largest amphibious assault ever, and that it's scale in terms of manpower and equipment and ambition was impressive, one must also consider that the Soviets had already turned the tide on the Eastern Front, and the German army had already suffered the defeat of Stalingrad. Also it's important to consider that the German 6th Army that was lost at Stalingrad was about equal to ALL of the German forces in France at that time! By comparison, it was only 1 part of 1 army group, of which there were 3 fighting for Germany on the Eastern Front (North, Central, South)

Finally, I want to make it known that this is a non-political site. I am not a nazi, skinhead, fascist, or communist. If you want to know my political views, go to my Politics page. I am simply a person who enjoys studying this time period in history, from an economic and military standpoint.

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