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Welcome to my sports page. Since I'm a big hockey fan (Go Blackhawks!), and football fan (Go Bucs!) I tend to specialize in those sites, but I try to have something here for everybody (besides, I like basketball and other sports, too).
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General Sports

My main sports server is espn.com. Those caught accessing the baseball sections from this page will be drawn, quartered, minced, and spoon-fed to their great-grandmother.

Another good sports server, the Sporting News site.

Here's another general sports server at Nando SportsServer. Same rules apply!

Here's another great general sports site, a schedule generator for all sports. You pick, the league, the team(s), home or away (or both), and the timeframe (ranging from all season to just the next game or 2), and it spits out a schedule! It's great!

Being big on options and choice, and that sort of stuff...I've also included CNN/SI, from the makers of CNN and Sports Illustrated.

College Sports

Here's a link to PurdueSports.com. Includes stats, records, schedules, and other info about all of the major Purdue University Athletics programs. Great Work!!

Here's another good link: The Big Ten's Purdue Men's Basketball Page. Stats, scores, standings, schedules, the works!

The Big Ten's website

Pro Football

It seems only right to start it off with this page.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Indianapolis Colts

Mike Alsott

Here's a movie of Alstott, in one of the coolest 1-yard Touchdown runs you'll ever see.


Pro Soccer

The "other" football
The official page for FIFA, the international Soccer governing body, which runs the World Cup and other international competitions. The official page for the MLS.
Here's the team page of for the NY/NJ Metrostars, my favorite team. Here's a picture of Alexi Lalas, the coolest American Player, and the reason I follow the Metrostars.

Pro Hockey

The rest of this page is hockey related, and all of the little indian heads mean it has something to do with the Blackhawks, since they're my favorite team!

Here's the official NHL homepage, the NHL Open Net.
Here's a link to the page of the NHLPA.
Here is the offical homepage of the (Drumroll please) Chicago Blackhawks!!
Here is a link to the best unofficial homepage for the Blackhawks.
The Chicago Blackhawks' history page.
Here's the online version of Blue Line, the Hawk's official program!
Here's Nina Cummins' Page. Nina's a big 'Hawks fan. She runs the Blackhawks mailing list at Plaidworks.com. Nice page, too!

Here is a link to the Cyberdome, which has almost 850 links to various hockey sites, including images, team home pages, logos, schedules, and much more.

Slam! Hockey
Jerseys Unlimited, a great hockey jersey sales site! All-Star's NHL Photo Archive

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