OPP--Other People's Pages

Cool Pages by other people

Here is the page where I put the personal homepages of my friends, and some of the pages that taught me a lot about making my own. In other cases, of course, I influenced, or even helped create them. :)
Friends Webpages

Amanda Hunter's page. Erin Teso's page.
Jay Benton's page. Santhana Naidu's page Justin McDonald's page.
Steve Goodwin's page. Adam Dixon's page. Jason Hiddle's page.

Here's a page called Skold. Excellent Work, I wish my page were 2% as good as this.

Here's another South Vermillion (the High School I went to)guy's page, Aaron Totemeier, aka CyberTote. Very well done page!

Yet another SVHS guy, Chad Killion, and his Electric Disease website.

My favorite net libertarian, James Donald.

A guy I work with, Neil Jibul

If you have a page of your own that you would like added here, I will probably do it. Just write me an email with the address you would like added!
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