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Update Notes from the Eclectic Elf

It's been a long time coming, but after 2 years of neglect, this site is getting a makeover to reflect the numerous changes that the game of Blood Bowl itself has undergone since this guide was originally written in 1996 or so. I wish I could remember when I started this page for sure...

Return visitors to the site will find that the layout of the page is relatively untouched. The same grey globe background, the same Ivy dividers. What's changed is the important part: the content! I hope you find the updates and revisions useful. Special thanks to "Strider" on Talkbloodbowl.com for his proofreading assistance and thought-provoking questions that led to some new addtional material.

Also note that I intend to add a "Section 5 : Playing Wood Elves in Tournaments" in the coming months. That should be a useful addition. I WILL still get to this, I swear. I'm thinking after the next tourney I play with Wood Elves, I'll update my notes here so I have a fresh mind to work on it. That would most likely mean you should look for something in late August.

Over the years I have received a lot of feedback on this site, almost all of it positive. I appreciate all of it, and hope it can continue. As a matter of fact, I feel plenty of healthy pressure to deliver a product worthy of your time and attention. I hope you think it passes.

Whether you like what you see or not, I would very much appreciate further input from you, the Blood Bowl community, regarding things to add to this page to make it more useful, things to remove because they're redundant, or anything of the sort. My email inbox is always open, and I truly enjoy Blood Bowl email. It is certainly better than most of the mail I receive in a given day. By the way, if any of you need cheap generic Viagra...

At any rate, on with the show!

No matter what team I am playing at any given moment (I've played almost all of them at least once), I will always consider myself a Wood Elf coach. Therefore, I've actually decided to start putting all my Wood Elf expertise into html form! It's organized in the following categories:

  1. Starting your Wood Elf Team
  2. Playing a young Wood Elf Team
  3. Advancing your Wood Elf Team
  4. Playing an experienced Wood Elf Team

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