Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawn

Position#CostMASTAG AVSkillsSkill Availability
Spawn0-12100,000D641 10Stand Firm, Foul AppearanceGeneral, Strength, Mutations**
Special Rules: *Mutations can be taken on a normal roll (instead of on doubles only like most races). However, if you do, roll a D6: If you roll a 5+, the Mutation is a random mutation that does not apply to Blood Bowl, and is wasted.
If you DO roll doubles, you may take a mutation without making this roll.

If a Spawn rolls +MA for a skill, it's new MA is D6+1. Spawn can NEVER GFI.

Dissallowed skills/mutations: Stunty, Very Long Legs, Sprint, Sure Feet, Leap, JumpUp

*Spawn are NOT big guys. IE they gain skills at the normal rate, do not use the big guy skill table (you could take agility or passing skills on a doubles roll), and so on. However, they MAY ignore the 11 player minimum.

*Clarifications to Movement Rules: You may reroll (or pro) the D6 Movement roll. If you declare a blitz and don't roll enough movement to make it, the blitz is wasted. Standing up does NOT require you to roll a 3 or more on your D6 roll, if you roll less than that you may stand up with no additional movement, as if you had rolled a 3.

Ally availablitity: None
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