The Slann team

The Slann

Position#CostMASTAGAVSkillsSkill Availability
Linemen0-1260,0006338LeapGen. Only
Blitzers0-290,0007339Leap, BlockGen, Str
Runners0-4100,0007248Leap, Dodge, Sure HandsGen, Ag
River Troll0-1100,0003518Regenerate, Cold Blooded**, Always Hungry*Gen, Str

Negative skills descriptions

*Always Hungry--As per Jervis Johnson's Big Guys/Allies Skill of the same name
**Cold Blooded--This creature takes a little more to get going. Treat as ogre's Bonehead negative skill, with an addition: Cold-Blooded players may not even take the field under blizzard conditions.
Note: If the weather changes to a blizzard on a kickoff, remove the player and replace him with another player. You may not make this exchange the other way, if the weather changes from a blizzard to something else during the kick, you must wait until the next drive for the player to re-enter the lineup.
Allies under Jervis Johnson's rules: Lizardmen, Goblin, Minotaur
Plays for: Lizardmen

Wizard and Apothecary: As normal, except the wizard is called a Mage-Priest, and gets a special +1 modifier on all Zap! (frog) spell rolls.
Because of their unusually strong leaping ability, all Slann receive +1 to attempts to intercept passes, bonus is applied after all other modifiers (so always 5+ or better)

Star Players

Lotta Bottol7349Leap, Block, Passblock, Catch140,000
Quetzal Leap8258Leap, Dodge, Sure Hands,Catch, Sure Feet, Sprint160,000
Vizgrak Pigczit4629Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle160,000

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