The Savage Orc team

The Savage Orcs

Position#CostMASTAGAVSkillsSkill Availability
Lineorcs0-1260,0006337FrenzyGeneral only
Blitzers0-4100,0007338Block, FrenzyGeneral, Strength
Black Savages0-490,0004428FrenzyGeneral, Strength

Allies under Jervis Johnson's rules: Troll, Goblin, Minotaur
Note:_not_ regular orcs!
Star Players
Varag Stool-Chewer6439Block, JumpUp, Leader, Mighty Blow, Pro, Frenzy180,000
Grashnak Blackhoof6639Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull160,000
Ripper Bolgrot46110Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Throw Teammate150,000
Fungus the Loon4237
Scrappa Sorehead6237Dodge, Right Stuff60,000Pogo Stick
Bommer Dribblesnot6237Dodge, Accurate80,000Bombs
Nobbla Blackwart6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Frenzy80,000Chainsaw
Special rules:

As savages, they don't get apothecaries or wizards as such. (They're too barbaric). Instead, they can get one shaman for 100K, which can do one of the following per game:

  1. Heal, as per normal apothecary rules, except at 3+ instead of 2+
  2. Zap spell. (the frog one)
  3. draw one extra random event card
These can be done at any time.
Sample Starting Team
1Varag Stool-Chewer180,000
1Black Savage90,000
9Fan Factor90,000

Total Cost of Team1,000,000

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